District Determined Measures of Student Growth

District Determined Measures of Student Growth

District-Determined Measures (DDMs) play a key role in the Commonwealth's Educator Evaluation System. Districts will identify or develop measures for assessing student learning in all grades and subject areas, the results of which will lead to opportunities for robust conversations about student achievement, and, ultimately, improved educator practice and student learning.

Every educator will need data from at least two state or district-wide measures in order for trends and patterns to be identified. Statewide growth measures (Student Growth Percentiles) must be used as one measure where available. Since SGPs are available to fewer than 20 percent of educators throughout the Commonwealth, districts will need to identify or develop additional credible measures of growth, DDMs, for most grades and subjects.

How We Can Help

In order to meet these goals, districts may need support in developing measures of growth in various grades and subject areas. CES offers a range of trainings, consulting and resources to assist in the development of use of DDMs.

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State Approved Vendor

RFRs: Multiple, incl. 12EPLKC1, 13EPLSW1

CES is approved by DESE to provide training in implementing the Massachusetts Educator Evaluation Model System. CES offers direct training of district leadership and faculty or a train-the-trainer model to district teams. To learn more, click here.

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