Transforming Education for Social Justice Keynote Speakers

Transforming Education for Social Justice Keynote Speakers

man holding one finger raised over his head, standing in front of an assembly of students

Tem Blessed and Evelin Aquino

Supporting Their Dreams

Tem Blessed and Evelin Aquino will share best practices in providing creative spaces for youth to think critically as they build knowledge, gain self-confidence, and take action as leaders in our world. As educators and students, together we hold the power to transform our schools to be places where children develop into their higher selves, learn the skills to be amazing citizens that manifest their dreams of a just world.

thumbnail of Tem BlessedTem Blessed is a socially conscious Hip Hop Artist who has been making relevant music with a message for over a decade. Born in Guinea-Bissau, West Africa to Cape Verdean parents, his music and message are about social justice and sustainability and are designed to inspire the audience towards positive change and global responsibility.


thumbnail of Eveiln AquinoEvelin Aquino is a Boricua/Dominicana from Western MA and Washington Heights, NYC. She is a graduate of UMass Amherst and has worked with hundreds of youth and communities across the country as an educator, trainer, mentor, and facilitator. Evelin has dedicated her life to social justice, utilizing the arts as a vehicle for empowerment and education towards liberation. She is deeply inspired and guided by the youth of today, her family, elders (especially her father), and ancestors.