Civics Education - Civics Engagement

Civics Education - Civics Engagement

Engage your students in work that matters.

Civics education should enable all students, no matter what challenges they face, to learn to ask and investigate important questions, to make decisions, and to take actions that will help to shape the future. We can help. 

Our website,, offers resources to teachers for developing civics lessons. We provide methods that pair content knowledge with the inquiry skills and practices that are fundamental to citizenship. You can also sign up to receive the weekly History eNews with updates on civics education events, opportunities, and new developments.

Our courses offer teachers tools, examples, and planning time to develop curriculum and project plans for civic engagement projects. We provide guidance in fulfilling the Massachusetts requirement that all students, including students with disabilities, have opportunities to participate in student-led civic engagement projects in 8th grade and in high school. 

Our collaborations include work with Massachusetts state partners and national Civics education organizations. We lead professional development institutes, workshops, and webinars to meet a variety of needs.

Our Approach: Civic Engagement as Social Justice

All people, including students with disabilities, should have equitable opportunities to learn about and to make an impact on their communities. Our approach to civics education, like our other work, helps teachers open multiple pathways to enable student capacities for participation and leadership. In this light, we study examples from disability and immigrant activists’ work. Bringing forward the civic concerns of all people, including those facing barriers or on the margins, is key.

Civic Engagement Education Expertise

  • Student-led local history projects:
    • engaging with community groups - guidance for teachers
    • creating enduring websites -  Windows on History
  • Access for students with disabilities to service learning and community-based civic engagement
  • Professional Development program design - Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Civics Institute; National Writing Project civic engagement teacher leadership program
  • Teacher resource development - founding developer of Massachusetts Civics and Social Studies K-12 web resources, moved to the Tisch Center for Civic Life at Tufts University

Consulting, Services, and Training

To discuss a range of possible services, please contact:

Rich Cairn
Civics and Social Studies Curriculum and Instruction Specialist, Emerging America
413.586.4900 x5936