Community Health Solutions

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Community Health Solutions

Consulting Services for Healthy Communities

Community Health Solutions Consulting from CES offers our sixteen years of experience at the local level to plan, coordinate and support effective public health and prevention programs addressing health, nutrition and food insecurity, fitness, underage substance abuse prevention, school climate and bullying, and trauma-informed communities. Our consultants have deep knowledge in these areas, and our approach seeks to create effective community health engagement models by involving the community to make change.

Community engagement for healthy change begins at the grassroots.

We believe that the foundation of any successful project is getting to know the communities or groups that we are working with, and designing programs as a trusted partner. Our consultants are expert assessment, evaluation, and in the use and adaptation of multiple evidence-based models and processes for change, applied to meet the specific needs of the project. Our close ties to and experience in western Massachusetts provide clients with opportunities to view projects and needs from the grassroots level.

Community Health Solutions helps nonprofit organizations, local and regional public and private health institutions and departments, government, schools, colleges and universities, community organizations and groups, youth and adult leaders to gather research and assess community needs, and facilitates strategic planning and implementation for programs that can increase healthy behaviors and support healthy communities.

We have expertise in:

  • Healthy Food Access/Diet and Nutrition
  • Healthy Retail
  • Physical Activity/Fitness
  • Overweight and Obesity
  • Age-friendly Communities
  • Community Planning for Health/Community Walkability
  • Substance Abuse Prevention
  • School Climate
  • Trauma-informed Care
  • Youth Development and Mental Health

Community Health Solutions is a CES program 

At CES, we know that social and environmental risk and protective factors underpin and support strong educational outcomes for all students and families. In keeping with our mission to to develop and foster educational excellence and opportunity for all learners through collaboration and leadership, Community Health Solutions (CHS) experts have implemented and supported numerous community health initiatives, particularly among vulnerable populations; and especially with regard to youth.


Our Experience

Assessment and Evaluation: Gathering, analyzing, and using data to assess community-wide strengths and problem areas

  • Youth Prevention Needs Assessment Survey (PNAS)
  • Surveys of parents, teachers, youth, and community residents
  • Qualitative data collection methods (focus groups and key informant interviews)   
  • Data searches and presentation of data
  • Walkability and Bikeability audits

Strategic Planning for Community Engagement

  • Strategic planning and community capacity building
  • Facilitating collaboration
  • Successful grants and funding development
  • Sustainability planning
  • Engaging youth and adults in making their community a healthier place to live

Evidence-Based Prevention Strategies: Promoting a wide variety of healthy behaviors

  • Community outreach and engagement
  • Using the risk and protective framework
  • Educational curriculum
  • Social norms marketing

Our Clients and Partnerships

  • Healthy Hampshire: Heathy Hampshire, including the Food Access Advisory Committee convened in 2017, is administered by the City of Northampton in partnership with Community Health Solutions. We work with residents, community partners and municipalities in 11 communities to reduce rates of chronic disease by effecting changes to policies and systems that encourage physical activity, healthy food access, improved patient care, and linkages between healthcare systems and community-level prevention activities.
  • Strategic Planning Initiative for Families and Youth (SPIFFY)SPIFFY is a coalition of over 80 community partners working together to improve outcomes for youth in Hampshire County. For twenty years, CES has administered the Coalition and CHS assists in its work.
  • Educational Development Coorporation
  • Hampshire Council of Governments
  • Northampton Prevention Coalition
For more information, contact: 
Director, Healthy Families and Communities
413.586.4900 x5580