Data Use and Analysis

Data Analysis

Data Use and Analysis

Educators Using Data Together

We work to support the efforts of schools and school districts with high quality, research-based, and collaborative solutions to ensure that every child has the opportunity to achieve his or her full potential.
CES Values

The Collaborative for Educational Services works to support schools in exploring new ways to use data to inform, guide and improve instruction because we know educators are using ever increasing amounts of data to learn about their students, evaluate their own work, and plan ways to meet the needs of their schools and communities. We offer services to help schools and districts conduct the analysis, management, collection, and application of data.

  • Program Evaluation: Helping schools and school districts to assess their instructional programs and improve curriculum, instruction and student outcomes

  • Professional Development: Bringing high quality professional development and licensure programs to all educators

  • Managing Data: Supporting schools and districts in the analysis, management, collection and application of data

  • Developing Leaders: Training and coaching effective leaders, leadership searches and recruitment

  • Alternative Education Paths and Supports: Offering alternative programs to students needing additional support, through after school programs and academic and vocational opportunities

  • Assistance to Implement State and Federal Programs: Working to help schools, districts, and providers to implement state and Federal laws, regulations, and initiatives

  • Supporting English Language/Dual Language Learners: Assisting schools, communities and educators with policy and program development and training to provide high quality education for students from diverse backgrounds and who are English language learners

  • Special Education: Providing high-quality educational and specialist services for students with special needs, and supporting districts' own programs for special needs with training, evaluation, assistance with IEPs and program development

  • Early Education: Working with communities, parents and early childhood providers to build and enhance their capacity to support children through high quality early childhood education and care

  • Financial and Operational Services: Providing technical assistance to help schools, districts, and organizations to define, develop and obtain grant funding for effective programs, and to pursue and obtain cooperative purchasing arrangements

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CES supports the unique ways each school district uses data in their work, and we tailor our services to meet your needs.

We offer:

Professional development and coaching

  • Collaborative data use (data teams)
  • Data collection and integration
  • Data interpretation and appropriate use
  • Support for staff using data, reports, and data procedures


  • Systemic data use
  • Custom reports
  • New data collection
  • Reporting systems that meet local needs

Opportunities for regional collaboration among school districts