Educator Evaluation Tour Guides

Educator Evaluation Tour Guides

Meet the Educator Evaluation Tour Guides!

The Educator Evaluation Tour Guides offer tools to support Educator Evaluation implementation for both teachers and administrators, cutting through the clutter, and providing tips to make implementation easier and more intuitive.

The Tour Guides are designed to help answer questions about what proficiency means, what effective practice looks like, and to show educators exemplars of artifacts. The Guides unpack the rubrics and identify areas of performance where educators can build professional practice goals; and both Tour Guide versions contain Crosswalks to connect other educational initiatives to the rubric.

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School-Level Administrators Tour Guide

Built around the school-level administrator rubric, this Tour Guide illustrates how Standards and Elements connect with other initiatives, how proficiency is defined for each and what effective practice looks like, and suggests artifacts to demonstrate practice. The four standards include:

  1. Instructional Leadership;
  2. Management and Operations;
  3. Family and Community Engagement; and
  4. Professional Culture.

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Teacher Tour Guide

Built around the Model Teacher Rubric, this tool enables teachers to identify what they are already doing to meet evaluation targets and suggests artifacts they can provide for each Element in the Rubric. The four standards, each containing several indicators of good practice, include:

  1. Curriculum, Planning and Assessment;
  2. Teaching All Students;
  3. Family and Community Engagement; and
  4. Professional Culture.

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Tour Guide Content

Both Tour Guides provide teachers and administrators with three different tools to support training and coaching programs. These reference tools can be offered as part of your customized district training program or may be purchased and used independently.

Each Educator Evaluation Tour Guide offers three tools:

  • The Printed Tour Guide: Provides a quick and portable reference for looking up elements, connections and requirements, as well as a place to make notes about your own artifacts.
  • The Online Tour Guide: This comprehensive reference is your living gateway to resources, references to connections, and links to actual sample artifacts and exemplars of proficiency that will help you to answer the question “What does this look like in actual practice?”
  • Mobile App: You are always on the go, and the Online Tour Guide can travel with you through our mobile app. Keep your Ed Eval reference at your fingertips!

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Every purchase of a Tour Guide includes all three components.

Administrators or teachers will receive a printed copy of the guide as well as the purchasing district/school password to the related online tool at the same time.

Access to the online tool is not provided on a subscription basis; your purchase ensures access for an unlimited time period. We expect the online content to expand over time with new artifacts and updates, delivering even greater value in the future.

While administrators and teachers are on the site, they’ll be able to download the mobile app to their devices and use the reference anywhere.

How can I purchase the Tour Guides?

To purchase a Tour Guide toolkit for your school or district you can order online, or mail a paper order form.

To purchase a Tour Guide online, click on the links below:

Adminstrator Tour Guide: Click here to purchase online

Teacher Tour Guide: Click here to purchase online

To order by mail:

Download and complete the order form and mail it to:

CES Professional Development
97 Hawley Street, Northampton, MA 01060

What does this cost?

School districts and schools can purchase access for only $12/user for CES members and $14/user for non-member schools or districts.

Can I see a preview of the online Tour Guides?

You can view and test a partial version of the Tour Guides by clicking the links below:

To preview the Administrator Tour Guide, click here.

To preview the Teacher Tour Guide, click here.

The preview sites do not contain complete content for each Standard and Element, but will allow you to see how the complete online Tour Guides work.


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