Resources for Social Justice

Resources for Social Justice

Leading for Equity

Leading for Equity Framework: National Equity Project

Using ARP Funds to Redesign Schools for Whole Child Equity:

Social Justice and Equity: Talking and Teaching

Immigration Issues

For Elementary and Secondary Schools

School Resource Officers: This resource might help school districts to assess any gaps in knowledge around police in schools, and could help us to think about what a solid training for SROs would ideally include.

Here is a blog from Rethinking Schools that shares current context about DACA and some classroom resources like:

Set up your classrooms and schools to make space for conversation about these painful and often confusing topics.

DACA ( Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals)

Actions on this program may impact many students in our region, including the younger siblings of DACA recipients who are enrolled in our schools. Below we've included links to some resources for educators and administrators.