STEM@WORK Paid Internship Program

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STEM@WORK Paid Internship Program

STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

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Our STEM@Work Paid Internship Program operates as a stand-alone internship program specializing in placements in which students are exposed to advanced STEM skills available only in high-tech settings. All of our STEM@Work placements qualify as category “A” placements as defined in the grant’s order of priority for placements. Since the program’s inception, we have placed more than 85 students in this highest-quality category. 

Our partnership with our Hampshire County school partners is the reason we recruit as successfully as we do: we have established relationships with administrators, guidance counselors, and instructors in each of the districts, and work with them to identify student candidates for inclusion in the STEM@Work program.

The projected demand for STEM careers in the Pioneer Valley promises to be strong in fields ranging from IT and web development to medical health services and records, to financial bookkeeping and accounting.

Most employers know the challenges of finding qualified applicants to fill positions requiring specific skills, while students preparing for these careers can find it hard to gain real-world experience. Employers working with the program can attract a larger and more qualified pool of candidates and play a direct role in developing their future workforce.

The experience opens up opportunities for solid work experience to add to each student’s resume.

"The Collaborative internship program has created a vehicle to connect unanticipated talent with willing employers in a way that I have not witnessed before."

Jonathan, Buell, Wright Architectural Millwork

Career Skills Virtual Workshop Series

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View examples of final projects submitted by past interns.

Students, employers and school guidance staff should visit our What to Expect page to read the expectations and responsibilities of prospective participants. 


For more information, students and prospective employers should contact:

Matt Rigney
Director, Workforce Development Programs