PWC Assistive Technology Lending Library

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PWC Assistive Technology Lending Library

Welcome to the Patty Walsh-Cassidy (PWC) Assistive Technology Lending Library

The PWC Lending Library offers users the ability to see for themselves a range of available resources and determine which best matches their needs before committing to purchase. It encompasses a wide range of items, equipment, or programs to aid people in need of mobility, visual, auditory, speech, physical, and cognitive support. The library is dedicated to the legacy of Patty Walsh-Cassidy, a CCATT Center co-founder, speech therapist, assistive technology specialist, teacher, and innovator. 

Through our collection, library users have access to hardware, software, apps, and devices. Borrowers can explore these resources in their home or school environments and determine which assistive technology options best fit their needs. Housed at the CCATT Center at the Collaborative for Education Services in Northampton, MA, the PWC Lending Library opens the door to possibility, and enables students with disabilities to reach their goals, instead of being relegated to the sidelines.

To become a borrower for the first time: 

Please review the PWC Library Policies and Procedures (12-pg PDF) and download PWC Library Loan Request and Liability Statement Forms (4-page PDF).

If you have borrowed from the PWC Lending Library in the past, or for more information:

Please contact

We continue to build inventory and support. The progress we've made thus far us due to the generosity of individual donors and gracious gifts from the companies that create the items we loan. To find out what it means to become a PWC Lending Library sponsor, visit our Donation page


Educators and families of students with disabilities may try out a range of resources at no charge through the PWC Assistive Technology Lending Library.