Inclusion and Equity Network

Inclusion and Equity Network

Equitable and Inclusive Practice

In 2016, the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (ESE) partnered with the Massachusetts Organization of Educational Collaboratives (MOEC) along with MESPA and MSSAA to coordinate and conduct visits between principals and Equitable and Inclusive Practice Ambassadors. Sharon Jones at the Collaborative for Educational Services worked alongside three other regional Ambassadors in Western Massachusetts, who held meetings with principals in order to introduce them to the resources available from ESE. The Department’s partnership with the ambassadors is a component of the Massachusetts State Equity Plan to promote equitable access to excellent educators for all students.

The program delivered to principals a comprehensive dissemination of ESE user-friendly resources to help District leaders with inclusive practices to improve outcomes for students with disabilities, English language learners, students affected by poverty and minority students. Further, follow up consultative and technical assistance was and continues to be available for principals and organizations where they have a need.

Technical Assistance

In some cases, school districts may identify needs for inclusion consultation and technical assistance to meet specific needs. CES consultants work to support specific initiatives identified by districts in areas including: 

  • Individual Child Specific Inclusion consultation
  • Transition assessments; and training for implementing transition planning and service delivery
  • District and School wide Inclusive Practice Evaluations/Studies
  • Professonal Development for professionals and instructional assistants on best practices regarding inclusion
  • Administrative planning support
  • Special Education Program Evaluations
  • Parent Support; and training to support schools to partner effectively with families
  • Co-Teaching and Inclusion Teacher Coaching
  • Training to prepare IEP team leaders for collaboration and compliance

Please contact Sharon Jones if your school or district has identified the need for additional support. 


Among some of the initial resources that we would offer here that will help to introduce this work are the following:

Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Video: Equitable Access to Excellent Educators

This video introduces some of the resources in the Massachusetts state equity plan, and the Equity Playbook. (7:46 minutes)

Massachusetts Educator Effectiveness Guidebook for Effective Practice: Video (3:38 minutes)

Frameworks for Inclusive Practice: Video (5:39 minutes)

For more information, contact: 
Curriculum and Instructional Specialist in Special Education
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Curriculum and Instructional Specialist in Special Education