CT Planning & Placement Team Leadership Institute Application

CT Planning & Placement Team Leadership Institute Application

The Connecticut Planning and Placement Team Leadership Institute (PPTLI), funded by the Connecticut State Department of Education, Special Education Bureau and offered in partnership with the Connecticut State Education Resource Center (SERC), is designed to equip PPT chairs with tools to foster family and community engagement and improve student outcomes by facilitating team meetings that meet legal requirements, support positive school/parent partnerships, and result in high quality special education programming.

The Institute will provide up to 120 participants in four cohorts with a year of courses and technical assistance that develop their ability to lead PPTs in creating educational plans that reflect the individual needs of students. Participants will learn to facilitate team meetings; create and write clear and effective IEPs; foster good faith relationships and collaboration; partner with district leaders to identify and implement a capstone project that addresses a needed change or enhancement in practice; and develop support networks to foster the implementation of best practices in the education of students with special needs.


This Institute is designed for educators who serve as a PPT chair leading PPTs in the state of Connecticut. This includes but is not limited to: Special Education Teachers, Building Level Administrators, Related Service Personnel, Special Education Directors, or others filling the role of PPT Chairperson.

This Institute is not designed to support people who are leading 504 Teams in terms of the legal requirements of these plans; however, the facilitation techniques discussed as part of the Institute would certainly be applicable for people who chair Section 504 teams.

Schedule and Course Requirements

Scheduled Dates for Cohorts 1-4

Participants selected must commit to attend 100% of scheduled activities/online sessions with permission from their current school district. Additionally, in partnership with their current school and district, participants will complete several activities including a needs assessment and systems change project to improve compliance and collaboration in response to an identified need. This will involve extensive work outside of the sessions mentioned above and will be guided by the facilitators of the institute.

Cost and Application

This course is free for the participant. Stipends will be provided to cover the cost of substitutes. Applicants are asked to notify their immediate supervisors and special education administrators of their interest and intent to apply. Cost of travel to and from training sites is not included and will need to be paid for by the participant or supported by their district.

The PPTLI Program application period has ended for the 2020-21 school year. Thank you to all who applied!


Contact Information

Questions about the PPTLI Program

Stephen Proffitt

Director for Special Education Programs and Instructional Design

State Education Resource Center

Tel: 860.632.1485 X322


Questions/Follow-up about Applications

Laurel Peltier

Curriculum and Instruction Specialist

Collaborative for Educational Services

Tel: 413.586.4900 X5980


Technical Support with Application Submission

Erin Sullivan

Events Coordinator

Collaborative for Educational Services

Tel: 413.586.4900 X5981