Information for Students

Information for Students

A Path to Success for High School Students

Mount Tom Academy is a student centered, individualized pathway to high school graduation and beyond, matched to each student’s own learning style, in a small classroom setting. 

Our Success Rates

Our numbers speak to our success:

  • 9 out of 10 students who have attended Mount Tom Academy since 1999 have graduated.
  • All students enrolled in the Mount Tom Academy program meet the CD requirements set by MA and their sending districts
  • Approximately 50% of graduates apply to study at the college.

Our Approach

Students at the Academy have agency in making a plan for themselves, and learning how they learn best. Their individualized plans include both the academic and emotional support needed. The program identifies the strengths, talents, and unique abilities of its participating students. Student progress is assessed, goals monitored and plans adjusted all the way along the line, so that the program can be responsive. 

At Mount Tom Academy, students have an opportunity to develop their voice, learning to articulate what it is that they need.

Part of the Holyoke Community College environment 

Students are encouraged to explore and appreciate the personal freedom and responsibility of attending high school on a college campus. All students receive college identification cards and may be assigned parking privileges. Students share in the full college setting that includes the cafeteria, library, and entry to lecture series, theater performances and presentations as they are available.