The practicum is the final part of the CES Licensure Program for candidates who have completed the required coursework and passed all MTEL testing required for the license sought. The practicum connects theory with practice through an extended hands-on experience in an approved school setting.

The practicum for an Initial License is typically a full semester of at least 300 hours in the role of the license sought. This may take as little as four months to complete, but it may extend longer. The Reading Specialist license and the Additional Licenses each require a 150 hour practicum that in general takes between two and three months.

Practicum candidates will work with an on-site supervising practictioner and a CES-assigned program supervisor who will help candidates meet the professional standards of the license they are seeking. Many practicum candidates are able to use their current work site to meet the requirements of the practicum. In some cases, candidates may need to work outside of their current position to meet these requirements. If a candidate is not currently employed in a school district, CES will work with the candidate to find a practicum placement that fits the requirements of the Massachusetts DESE. 

Practicum Eligibility

All CES Licensure Program candidates seeking an Initial License must complete a practicum before they can be endorsed. To begin the practicum, you must have:

  • successfully completed the coursework required by your program
  • passed and submitted all required MTEL tests
  • ensured that payments are up to date
  • maintained at least a 2.7 GPA
  • passed a CORI check

*Please note that exceptions may be made to these requirements, based on teaching experience and coursework.

Practicum Registration

When you are ready for your practicum, please complete and submit the Practicum Registration Form in order to begin the process. Fall practicum candidates must submit the form by May 15, and spring practicum candidates must submit by October 15. Forms should be mailed to the registrar at 97 Hawley Street, Northampton, MA 01060 or faxed to 413.586.2878.

If you need assistance finding a practicum site or selecting a supervising practitioner, please fill out and submit the Practicum Assistance Request Form well in advance of the fall or spring practicum registration deadlines.

Practicum Seminar

The Reflective Practicum Seminar is designed to enrich the practicum experience for you and provide a means to hone your teaching skills during your practicum experience. This hybrid-online seminar is taken concurrently with the practicum in fall or spring and is required for all candidates.


For Enrollees: the practicum fee is included in the CES Licensure Program fee.

For Additional Licenses: please refer to the Tuition and Financial Aid page for current pricing.

For more information, contact: 
Student Affairs, Licensure Programs
413.586.4900 x5937