Graduate Option FAQs

Graduate Option FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about Graduate Options

Q: Can I receive graduate credit for Collaborative Licensure courses?

A: The Collaborative has a partnership with Fitchburg State University for those candidates interested in receiving graduate credit. The courses required in the Licensure program have all been approved by Fitchburg State University. Additional fees must be paid for graduate credit.

Q: Can I apply these courses toward a Master's Degree at Fitchburg State University?

A: Yes. You may apply these graduate credits to a Master's Degree (M.Ed. in Curriculum & Teaching) or, for those who already have a Master's Degree, a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study (CAGS). Those enrolled in the Master's Degree program or working toward a CAGS must take additional credits beyond the courses required for licensure.

Q. Do I have to apply for the Master's Program in order to earn graduate credit?

A. No. You can take any course for graduate credit without being enrolled in the Master's Program.

Q: Do I have to go to Fitchburg to take these additional courses?

A: No. Additional courses required by the M.Ed. are available in the same way as other Collaborative Licensure courses are, and may be taken at our locations throughout the Commonwealth. However, there may be a possibility of meeting with a thesis advisor in Fitchburg.

Q: How do I apply to be in the Master's Degree program?

A: Complete a Request for a Master's or CAGs Application (available on Collaborative's Forms and Downloads page) and send it to the Licensure Program Office at the Collaborative. A Fitchburg State University enrollment packet will then be mailed to you.

Q: Does the Collaborative Licensure course tuition cover the cost of the Fitchburg State graduate credits?

A: No. Those additional costs are the responsibility of the individual.

Q: How do I register for the graduate credit? Do I have to call or go to Fitchburg State?

A: Graduate credit registration forms will be available at the first session of each course.

Q: Do I pay the Collaborative for the cost of the graduate credits?

A: No. Payments for graduate credit must be made either by check payable to Collaborative for Educational Services or by credit card. The registration form includes a place for your credit card information. Please note that payment must accompany the registration form.

Q: Do I mail the registration form to Fitchburg State?

A: No. All registration forms and payments will be collected by a representative of Collaborative for Educational Services at the end of the first session. The Collaborative will make copies for each individual's file and then mail the forms and payments to Fitchburg State Registrar's Office.

Q: Who can I speak to at Fitchburg State University if I have a question about my registration?

A: The contact number for the Fitchburg State University Registrar's Office is (978) 665-4122.

Q. Is a Masters degree required in order to obtain an initial license?

A. No.

For more information, contact: 
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