Pre-Practicum FAQ

Pre-Practicum FAQ

What is a Pre-practicum?

The Pre-practicum is a focused field-based experience that addresses the Professional Standards for Teachers associated with educator preparation.

Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education requires approved Educator Preparation programs to ensure that candidates for the Initial License complete field-based experiences in a variety of settings, where they are able to observe diverse learners, in diverse settings, using different instructional models and within different grade levels relevant to the license being sought.

What are the requirements for the Pre-practicum?

All Initial licensure courses include at least one field-based experience assignment that meets pre-practicum requirements for the course. The course syllabus includes a detailed description of requirements for the assignment for the course.

Actual activity varies by course, and could include, but is not limited to: classroom observation, teacher interview, one-on-one supervised session with a student, or observation of a school-community event.

Who is required to complete a Pre-practicum?

All course participants - candidates enrolled in an Initial licensure program or seeking an additional license - as well as individuals taking a course for any other reason - are required by CES to complete this field-based experience for each licensure course.

When do I do the Pre-practicum?

 The Pre-practicum will be assigned and posted in Canvas with a due date specific to your course.

How long does it take to complete the Pre-practicum?

The Pre-practicum is estimated to require approximately 10 hours.

This includes some combination of time in a classroom, interview time on the phone, writing a reflective summary, etc.

Is the Pre-practicum graded?

The Pre-practicum counts as 10% of your grade and may be graded by the instructor or counted as a pass/fail assignment. Completion of the Pre- practicum is a CES requirement! Failure to submit a complete pre-practicum report will result in a final grade of 0.0 for the course!

Where can I find the Pre-practicum assignment for my course?

See Section F of your course syllabus for specific requirements for the Pre-practicum for your class.

What if I am having trouble finding a site for my Pre-practicum?

We encourage students to begin to plan their Pre-practicum assignment early in the semester. Explore all the options open to you - talk with your classmates, ask your instructor, talk with your advisor, or contact your local school.

For more information, contact: 
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