Get Involved: Community Councils

Get Involved: Community Councils

Parenting is a series of partnerships - between you and your child, and between you, your child, and your child's care and education providers. These relationships reach beyond the walls of a traditional classroom to include the communities in which we live.

Research has shown that parental involvement in a child's school and community increases the chances that children will have strong social skills, achieve academic success, graduate from high school, and continue on to college. As a parent, taking an active role in determining the quality of early experiences is essential to ensuring a healthy future for your child, and there are many ways to become an active participant in your child's development.

Parent Advisory Councils

Family Centers are community-supported and community-run cooperatives that rely on area residents and businesses to provide sustenance and leadership.

Parents can join their local Family Center's Parent Advisory Council (PAC) to assist with program and event planning, fund raising, or volunteering time in centers during operating hours. To learn more about PACs and keeping family centers a vibrant feature of your community, visit our Family Center page for your local family center's information.

CFCE Community Councils

The Collaborative for Educational Services administers a Coordinated Family and Community Engagement (CFCE) grant serving Amherst, Belchertown, Chesterfield,Easthampton, Goshen, Granby, Hatfield, Monson, Palmer, Pelham, South Hadley, Southampton, Ware, West Brookfield, West Warren, Westhampton, and Williamsburg. This grant, which is supported by the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care, provides programs and services for families with young children, age birth through kindergarten.

Each CFCE program is overseen by a council of parents, public school staff, family child care providers, center staff, childcare resource and referral agency, businesses, and programs that serve families with young children. Serving as a member of a CFCE Community Council is another way for parents to ensure that quality care and resources are available to all children and families.

The council builds collaborative relationships and partnerships that improve services for families with young children in the community by responding to their needs through information sharing, program planning, and development. The council objectives are to:

  1. Provide information to increase knowledge of and accessibility to high-quality early education and care programs and support families in transitions from home, early education and care programs, and school settings.
  2. Promote family education, engagement, and literacy.
  3. Support early education and care providers and educators (public and private) in the delivery of high-quality services by providing information and referrals, and facilitating access to professional development, technical assistance, and comprehensive services.

The services provided by this grant are decided by the council, based on the unique needs of the community. Councils are grouped by community as follows:

  • Amherst and Pelham Council
  • Belchertown, Monson, Palmer, and Ware: Early Childhood Partners (ECP)
  • Easthampton: Easthampton Early Childhood Council (e2c2)
  • Hatfield: Hatfield Early Childhood Council
  • Warren and West Brookfield: Quaboag Community Partnership
For more information, contact: 
Administrative Assistant
413.586.4900 x5568