Massachusetts Kindergarten Entry Assessment (MKEA) Initiative

Massachusetts Kindergarten Entry Assessment (MKEA) Initiative

The Massachusetts Kindergarten Entry Assessment (MKEA) initiative was a comprehensive formative assessment initiative that prepared Kindergarten teachers to collect meaningful observational data across all developmental domains to inform instruction and individualize learning. Funding for MKEA under the federal Race to the Top initiative ended on June 30, 2016.

How has CES supported this work?

The Collaborative for Educational Services Early Childhood Assessment for Responsive Teaching team supported the MKEA initiative by providing training and consultation across the state. Below are documents and resource materials from an MKEA conference that EEC and ESE held in the Fall of 2014.

Using Assessment to Extend Learning during Teacher-Child Interactions

Presenter: Judy Jablon

Using Assessment to Extend Learning (Powerpoint Slides)

Formative Assessment: Building the Foundation for College and Career Readiness from Birth through Grade 3

Presenter: Stephanie Lyda (Southeast Readiness Center)

Essential Questions

Building the Foundations for College and Career Success for Children from Birth Through Grade 3

Making It Real: Using Formative Assessment Data at Your School Site

Chart for Mapping Assessments

Kindergarten Assessment Questions to Consider

MKEA Assessment Data Information