Educator and Provider Support Regional Grantees

Educator and Provider Support Regional Grantees

Assessment for Responsive Teaching (ART) collaborates with the five Educator and Provider Support (EPS) Grantees across the state to determine regional assessment training needs and suitable locations.

The Educator and Provider Support (EPS) grant supports pathways to lead educators to degree attainment and increased competency through certificates and credentials; helps programs to attain and maintain accreditation and upward movement on the Massachusetts Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS); and fosters a comprehensive professional development system that addresses leadership development and leaders in the field.

Each EPS Grantee has an Assessment Training Coordinator (ATC) who schedules training for that particular region. If you are interested in hosting a training, please contact the ATC in your region.


Massachusetts Educator and Provider Support Regional Grantees

Western Mass: Region 1

Preschool Enrichment Team, Inc.

35 Mt. Carmel Avenue, Chicopee

ATC Contact: Cindy Hutcheson, 413.374.6331

Director: Kimm Quinlan, 413.736.3900 x159

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Central Mass: Region 2

Family Services of Central Massachusetts - Center for Childcare Careers

31 Harvard Street, Worcester

ATC Contact: Cynthia Gagliastre, 508.757.1503 x216

Director: Joanne Gravell, 508-757-1503 x211

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Northeast Mass: Region 3

North Shore Community College

1 Ferncroft Road LE-217, Danvers

ATC Contact: Marilyn Favreau, 978.946.9597

Director: Kathy Gallo, 781-593-6722 x6249

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Southeast Mass: Region 5

Child Development and Education, Inc.

10 Cabot Rd., Suite 201, Medford

ATC Contact: Nicole Miles, 774.571.1890

Director: Elizabeth A. Reedy, 508-369-3673 |

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Metro Boston: Region 6

ABCD, Inc,

178 Tremont Street Boston

ATC Contact: Rita Rzezuski, 617.365.6344

Director: Wendy Valentine, 617-348-6287

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For more information about the history and the purpose of the EPS Grant, please visit the EPS Page on the EEC website. 


For more information, contact: 
EC-ART Project Director
413.586.4900 x5573