Supporting Student Success

Supporting Student Success

Healthy Opportunities Positive Outcomes (Project HOPE)

In 2009, CES received a grant from the U.S. Department of Education to increase access to health and wellness education  and related programming in Department of Youth Services programs across the state. Project HOPE (Health Opportunities, Positive Effects) provides health and physical education classes and afterschool activities for students in DYS programs throughout the Commonwealth.

Project HOPE has enabled the installation of fitness equipment in select DYS facilities. Students learn how to use equipment and other activities to set, monitor, and attain personal fitness goals and to gain the knowledge and skills necessary for lifelong health, fitness, and wellbeing.

To help DYS facilities support students in the pursuit and achievement of health and wellness skills, direct care and residential staff are trained to organize health and wellness activities that take place under their supervision and guidance.

Skills and knowledge developed through Project HOPE are aligned with Massachusetts State Health and Fitness Curriculum Frameworks and the fitness assessments measure the percentage of students engaging in moderate to vigorous physical activity per week.

Bridging the Opportunity Gap (BOG)

Bridging the Opportunity Gap programs target DYS clients returning home from residential treatment, offering career development, vocational training, industry certifications, educational enhancements, arts and culture exposure, and subsidized employment training services through community-based and nonprofit agencies that tailor programming to address the unique needs of the juvenile justice population.

Programming is interactive, engaging, and addresses a variety of learning styles.

Community Reentry Grant (CRG): supports piloting and implementation of programs such as financial literacy, arts, and cultural programming; socio-emotional programs; career exploration; entrepreneurship; educational programming; and piloting of smaller-scale employability programs.  

Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP): This program provides a mix of high-quality career readiness and subsidized employment during the summer months to provide youth with more full-time work. Each project emphasizes career readiness training with some work experience in the form of vocational training, subsidized work, or paid internships.