Community Partnerships

Community Partnerships

Mentoring: The “AIM” Model

Community partnerships are the cornerstone of positioning DYS youth for a successful return to their communities following residential treatment. Mentor-mentee relationships play a key role in increasing the number of youth who have access to, and can capitalize on, educational and workforce opportunities and decreasing the chance that young people will reoffend or violate the conditions of their release.

Commonwealth Corporation and CES, with the help of DYS funding, work closely with community partners to support DYS students in their transitions from residential facilities by matching qualifying youth with participating partner organizations in five Massachusetts cities.

The AIM Mentoring Partnership relies on a “mixed mentoring model,” which combines site-based with one-to-one components. The resulting relationships – developed before mentees leave a facility and continuing after they are established in a community – encourage engagement in cultural and community events, education and career exploration and training, and the continued development of life skills and personal responsibility.

Mass Mentoring Partnership provides support to mentoring programs throughout Massachusetts, including DYS and Commonwealth Corporation’s AIM Mentoring Partnership. Their technical assistance better enables local partners’ ability to meet the specific needs of DYS youth.

Meet our Community Mentorship Partners

The following organizations are partners in the DYS/ Commonwealth Corporation AIM Mentoring Initiative:

Mass Mentoring Partnership (Boston/Springfield, MA)

Family Service, Inc. (Lawrence, MA)

Morgan Memorial Goodwill (Boston, MA)

Old Colony YMCA (Brockton/Quincy, MA)

Straight Ahead Ministries (Worcester, MA)

Boys & Girls Club Family Center (Springfield, MA)

Bridging the Opportunity Gap

The Bridging the Opportunity Gap (BOG) initiative supports DYS youth in their transition and re-entry into their home communities through engaging and interactive programs. The participation of a wide variety of community organizations -- including human services and faith-based organizations, workforce investment boards and career centers, and vocational technical high schools across the state -- in partnership with Commonwealth Corporation is central to the success of this initiative. The range of community partners allows the development and and expansion of services and resources and increased access for DYS youth to employment and educational opportunities.

For more information about specific BOG programs, visit the Supporting Student Success page.