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Healthy Families & Communities

We believe that the emotional and social development needs of children and youth must be addressed if they are to succeed in school, and consequently, in life. - CES Values

Strategic Planning Initiative for Families and Youth (SPIFFY) Coalition

SPIFFY is a coalition of over 80 community partners working together to improve outcomes for youth in Hampshire County. Together we promote strong families and create a local culture where youth are supported to make healthy choices. SPIFFY’s prevention activities involve community-based organizations, faith communities, schools, local colleges and universities, parents, youth, law enforcement, municipal government, media, and human service groups. Our coalition fosters collaboration between schools and communities, promotes strong families, and supports positive youth development.

Community Health Solutions - Technical Assistance

To further build capacity for sustainable prevention programs throughout Western Massachusetts, CES and SPIFFY staff are establishing a new consulting service. This group will provide technical assistance, training and support to community organizations on a fee-for-service basis, and will partner with local agencies to secure grant funding.

Our goal is to continue working with youth and adult leaders, community coalitions, schools, local and regional public health institutions, and nonprofit agencies to more broadly build and sustain healthy communities. This new service will continue to support the work of the SPIFFY coalition, and is a service of CES.

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Director, Healthy Families and Communities
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