STEM@Work: What to Expect

STEM@Work: What to Expect

Those interested in participating in a CES STEM@Work internship are encouraged to carefully read the below sets of expectations and responsibilities. 

Guidance Staff

School Guidance professionals are expected to provide the following supports:

  • Assistance in identifying and recruiting student candidates
  • Troubleshooting of student schedule and/or transportation difficulties
  • Wrap-around services designed to eliminate barriers to participation and success for those students who require them, including student-centered college and career planning and the creation of individual educational plans
  • Feedback for student and program improvement
  • Sharing of anonymous student data for program


For employers interested in hosting an intern, the proposed internship must include:

  • One or more concurrent or sequential internship slots of 50 hours or more, for area high school students
  • A pay rate that meets or exceeds the state minimum wage ($11/hour) for each STEM slot
  • Activities/responsibilities of the intern should aim to build STEM skills
  • Completion of two reviews of the Work-Based Learning Plan (this will be supported by program director)
  • Feedback on interns, internship process, employer needs and ideas for improvement

Students and Parents/Guardians

Students participating in an internship are expected to:

  • Fully participate in and complete of all aspects of the program, including all internship hours and reflection activities (journal-writing and a final product, such as an oral presentation, written report, or video)
  • Have the support of a parent/guardian, including timely arrival to the internship location and all training opportunities, appropriate attire and a positive attitude
  • Communicate appropriately and effectively with internship staff and employers
  • Follow company policies for employees
  • Provide feedback to improve program
  • Provide school guidance staff with approval to share anonymous student data for program