Starting a Program

Starting a Program

Bring inspired learning to your school with CES After School

CES has managed a network of after school programs since 1998, and has demonstrated the ability to start up new high quality sites. Seven of our ten grant funded programs have been designated with ESE's Exemplary status via a highly competitive process. This is a testament to our dedicated staff, partnering school districts, and the CES After School Department.

CES school year and summer programs offer Project-Based Learning and Service Learning activities to immerse students in hands-on learning experiences that develop both their academic and social-emotional skills. 

Why choose CES as your partner?

  • Customized: CES After School programs are not off-the-shelf, pre-packaged programs. We customize each program to the needs of your specific school and community. We'll conduct needs assessment with teachers, school personnel, and parents to craft a program that really suits your school and meets your goals.
  • Experienced: As a partner, we bring to the table deep experience in creating and managing high quality after school programs for all age ranges, and for students across the learning continuum - from those that struggle academically or socially, to advanced students.
  • An active partnership: Typically, CES will partner with your school to identify and train a program coordinator from your own staff, so that the program is truly integrated with your school's culture and curriculum.
  • Cost-effective for your families: While CES is expanding from many programs supported by grants into newer, fee-for-service programs, we are able to keep our per student, per day fees low compared to other after school options - and still offer excellent staff and engaging enrichment opportunities. 

Interested in learning more?

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