Licensure Course Catalog

CES Licensure courses for educators and aspiring educators are convenient, engaging and rigorous. Our hybrid-online course format includes selected Saturday face-to-face sessions, combined with online work, for the best fit with your schedule. Courses can be taken for graduate credit, PDPs, or in order to work toward your initial or additional license.

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Fall 2022

Hybrid-Online Teacher Preperation And Development Courses

Assessment for Reading Instruction

The focus of this course is the assessment of what students identified with reading and/or writing difficulties understand about the reading and writing processes. 

Curriculum and Assessment for Teachers

This course is designed so that teachers will become knowledgeable about the theory and practice of standards-based curriculum and assessment.

Language Development and Literacy

This course addresses normal development of expressive and receptive language in terms of phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics and pragmatics.

Literacy Learning for Pre-Adolescents and Adolescents

This course is designed to assist participants in teaching intermediate students, including English language learners, to read and write and to use literacy skills for a variety of purposes.

Positive Behavior Supports

This course provides an overview of the research and best practices for assessing; planning; problem-solving; and implementing individual, classroom and school-wide positive behavior support.

Reflective Practicum Seminar

This course is designed to enrich the practicum experience for candidates in their practicum and to provide a means for candidates to hone their teaching competencies.

SEI Teacher Endorsement

This SEI Teacher Full Course equips participants with strategies to support ELLs’ access to content instruction through evidence-based reading, writing and vocabulary interventions.

Educational Research

Students engage in the scientific reasoning process and reflect upon this process as it relates to the educator’s role. 

Introduction to Educational Technology

In this course, we will provide an introduction to educational technology that aligns to state and national standards in technology integration.

Hybrid-Online Administrative Leadership Courses

Data Informed Decision Making

This course will help candidates become data-informed instructional leaders through the use of key tools and strategies.

Educational Leadership and Management/Practicum Seminar

This two-semester practicum course provides a capstone experience in which candidates apply, broaden and deepen understandings of the DESE administrative leadership indicators developed in the eight preceding courses.

Instructional Leadership and Supervision

This course is designed to assist aspiring administrators to develop the knowledge and skills to serve as instructional leaders.

Teacher Preparation and Development Workshops

Differentiating Instruction Through Word Study

This online word study workshop will afford participants the opportunity to become familiar with the continuum of word study skills which form the foundation of reading.

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