Opportunities and Challenges – CES’ Strategic Plan

Opportunities and Challenges – CES’ Strategic Plan

CES is currently implementing a five-year strategic plan with an end date of June 30th, 2020. In order to ensure we conduct a thorough and inclusive strategic planning process, we will be extending the current plan for an additional year while we develop a new five-year plan. CES has engaged Strategy Matters, an experienced consulting firm, to facilitate the development of a comprehensive five-year strategic plan. The plan will outline a clear path to ensure continued success in current areas of strength, continued advancement of work related to diversity, equity and inclusion, and the maintenance of a high performing agile team able to work collaboratively even in our current highly uncertain times. The new strategic plan will continue to guide us towards sustainability, achieving our mission, and meeting the needs of our member districts, our funders, and the children, youth, families, and educators we serve. 

Challenges Identified

  • Gaps in access and opportunity for youth: address long-standing and growing gaps in access, opportunity and achievement between students from advantaged and disadvantaged backgrounds
  • Organizational capacity: build CES’s capacity to adapt and change in response to educational trends, member districts and operational needs. 
  • Diversify funding: cultivate a variety of funding avenues to support program development and innovation on behalf of districts, in a landscape of constrained funding from traditional sources
  • Maximize CES resources and expertise: adapting structures, and designing policies to better achieve our mission while striving to identify continuous improvements. 

Opportunities for the Future

  • Support member districts to address long and short term COVID-19 challenges through direct technical assistance, professional development, resources and cohort support
  • Use innovation to develop and support new approaches to addressing long-standing educational issues
  • Uplift youth voice to guide structures of social justice, equity, and access to education
  • Use CES’s Social Justice and Equity guiding principles, while actively working in larger communities and with state partners to eliminate all forms of oppression and create a multicultural organization with a commitment to a community of care, inclusion, self-awareness, growth, and transformation

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Importantly, our departments, programs, and contracts are led by experienced, dedicated, and seasoned Directors. This team is committed to working together and with the board to support this transition and provide continuity of care and operations during this unprecedented health emergency. 

As an organization, we have adopted and committed to four principles to guide our Social Justice and Equity work.  

The pandemic placed urgent matters and emergency decision-making at the forefront for the leadership of our agency. Our Pandemic Emergency Business Continuity planning moved quickly, ensuring that key functions were in place to guarantee employee and program participant safety, payroll, billables and receivables, as well as the technology and operational supports required to successfully transition to remote work. As the challenge of the pandemic continues, new concerns rise to the surface, especially in an organization committed to Social Justice, in which our dedication and efforts are highly valued. As we strive to create a community of care, we are reflecting on how to better care for each other while also continuing to attain excellence in our work. Our goal is to continue adapting to the restrictions required by the current public health emergency while attaining excellence in our work and simultaneously being mindful of the challenges and difficulties employees are experiencing.