My Fantastic Words Book

My Fantastic Words Book by Ken Pransky

A graphic thesaurus for young students

My Fantastic Words Book is a graphic thesaurus that students can use independently to visualize word relationships through visual "word clouds". This book and the activities that it supports make vocabulary building an active, enriching experience; helping students to expand their vocabulary and word choices in a way that is fun. The book features 41 illustrations with a total of 491 words. Designed for children in grades 2-6, My Fantastic Words Book is based on Ken Pransky’s 30+ years of teaching experience.

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"What an amazing book you have created. I introduced it with my students last week and it was an instant hit. Kids were tripping over each other for a chance to share their favorite page. We had a blast acting out a couple of the verb pages...They have been independently picking up copies during writing workshop. They can hardly wait to create their own pages. One student suggested that they could keep their copy and add their own pages each year."

- Laurie Risler, 5th grade teacher, Hilltown Cooperative Charter School

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My Fantastic Words Book is an invaluable teaching tool that

  • aids students in getting beyond words they often overuse, such as "nice," "big," and "see"
  • gives visual clues to help students learn hundreds of essential ("tier two") words
  • helps students learn to choose words effectively
  • becomes a handy reference that students can build on

About the Author

Ken Pransky, Curriculum and Instruction Specialist with the Collaborative's Center for English Language Education, is nationally known for his work about culturally and linguistically diverse learners, especially students who struggle to perform successfully in school. Ken is the author of Beneath the Surface: the hidden realities of working with culturally and linguistically diverse young learners (Heinemann, 2008), as well as several journal articles. He works extensively with schools that experience chronic underperformance challenges, providing professional development and coaching for general classroom, subject matter, resource, and specialist teachers.


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