Veterans' Voices

Oral History, the Springfield Armory, and the Library of Congress


Study primary sources from the Springfield Armory National Historic Site and the Library of Congress, in partnership with the Veterans Education Project. Explore place-based service learning, including teacher-generated projects with the Armory.

Explore ways to use oral histories as primary sources (shared by classroom guests in person, audio/video, or transcribed), including demonstration of a short oral history shared by a veteran or a former Armory employee. Begin development of a project for 2015-2016.


Upper elementary teachers, secondary History teachers (Grades 4-12)


10 PDPs, requires prior work through Library of Congress.


Future training dates will be announced here. If you have questions or are interested in offering this training on-site, please contact us.


  • Rich Cairn

    Rich Cairn has directed the Emerging America program since 2006. Emerging America includes Library of Congress Teaching with Primary Sources Program at the Collaborative for Educational Services, and the National Endowment for the Humanities Landmarks of American History Institutes: "Forge of Innovation: The Springfield Armory and the Genesis of American Industry."

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