Understanding Temperament: Flexible, Fearful, or Feisty

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Children enter the world with unique temperaments, which shape the personality they develop over time. Learn about the traits seen in the three temperamental categories: “flexible, fearful, and feisty”. Strategies on how to care for children based on their temperament type will be discussed, as well as the ‘goodness of fit” between your own temperament and those of the children in your care.

This session addresses Massachusetts Core Competency 1: Understanding the Growth and Development of Children and YouthMassachusetts Core Competency 2: Guiding and Interacting with Children and YouthMassachusetts Core Competency 5: Learning Environments and Implementing Curriculum; and Massachusetts Core Competency 6: Observation, Assessment, and Documentation.


Early Childhood Educators


2 training hours


Future training dates will be announced here. If you have questions or are interested in offering this training on-site, please contact us.


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    Mary Ellis Schreiber, M.S.Ed., is the Coordinator of Early Childhood Professional Development and the Coordinator of the CFCE Program at CES. She earned her Bachelor’s degree at Hampshire College and her Master’s degree at Bank Street College of Education. Her career includes working directly with young children and their families, developing curriculum to support conflict resolution skills in young children, and college level teaching.

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