A More Perfect Union (DYS/SEIS)

Teaching the United States Consitution in the Alternative Classroom

Graduate Credits: 


A More Perfect Union focuses on teaching the history of the United States Constitution for teachers of students in alternative settings.  Through a combination of scholar lectures on historical content, assigned readings, and online discussions and seminars, participants explore primary and secondary sources relating to the Constitution, beginning with the historical and philosophical influences; moving on to the Constitutional Era and the framework of government established within the document; and ending with 20th-21st century adaptations and interpretations of the Constitution.

The course focuses on learning strategies to teach the U.S. Constitution to diverse groups of students in a culturally responsive way and building students’ skills in a topic that reinforces the connection to their community. The class examines ways to strengthen history education through investigation of national primary sources, and national themes and events. The class explores uses of technology to extend the teaching of history (online course systems, distance learning, and internet projects).

This course is only open to DYS and SEIS Teachers.


67.5 PDPs. 3 Graduate Credits are available through FSU for $325. Additional information about payment for graduate credit will be provided after registration.


This workshop is not currently scheduled. If you have questions or are interested in offering this training on-site, please contact us.


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    Kelley Brown is a Social Studies educator at Easthampton High School where she has taught for the last 20 years. She is also the Professional Development Coordinator. She focuses on bringing primary sources and disciplinary literacy skills into the Social Studies classroom for all students.

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