Penni Martorell

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Guest Presenter
Program (What area of CES): 
History and Social Studies

Penni Martorell is curator of collections at Wistariahurst Museum and is Holyoke’s City Historian. Martorell’s work at Wistariahurst includes managing and preserving the museums collections, organizing history exhibits and lecture series; providing opportunities for the public to engage with local history through presentations and workshops to community organizations, college classes and schools; continually redefining Wistariahurst as a 21st century museum of engagement and as a repository of local shared memory. She lectures on Holyoke’s industrial history and the local textile and paper industries. She has lead workshops on preserving heirlooms, and basic textile preservation. Appointed by the governor of the commonwealth, Martorell serves on the State Historic Records Advisory Board. She is Vice President of The Pioneer Valley History Network and is an Oral History Trainer. She earned her BA in art history from Mount Holyoke College, and an MLS from Simmons College.