Matt Rigney

Matt Rigney
Program (What area of CES): 
Alternative Education
Director, Workforce Development Programs

Matt Rigney is the Director of the STEM@Work Paid Internship Program, the CES Perkins Consortium, and CES Connecting Activities. He has acted as the Director of the Hampshire County School-to-Career Partnership for over nineteen years, where he supervises and assists nine school-to-work team members in the development of internship programs, career development workshops, and use of funds for career skill development. As the regional Perkins Consortium Director, he works with four schools to deliver non-Chapter 74 Perkins programming in disciplines ranging from engineering to early childhood, welding, graphic design, and culinary. As Director of the STEM@Work Paid Internship Program, he places high school students in paid, cutting edge STEM internships in biomed, chemical engineering, neuroscience, biophysics, and other STEM fields. In all of these CES programs, Mr. Rigney partners with community members and colleagues to develop essential career skills in youth.