Betsy Nordell

Guest Presenter
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Professional Development

Dr. Betsy Nordell is a former classroom teacher who has been collaboratively creating and teaching graduate level education programming for teachers and administrators for more than 25 years. Her subject matter spans from teaching and learning basics to how to cultivate authentic educator hope. Over the years, she has noticed a troubling increase in teacher stress, dissatisfaction, and burnout. She is passionate about the field of educator well-being. 

Teachers cannot bring their best to their important work when they are discouraged and/or disillusioned. Her desire to address this led her to conduct doctoral research with Massachusetts exemplary educators in 2017; she explored how and why they thrive. This access to exemplary educators was unprecedented. 

To her knowledge, there has never been research conducted with the specific intent to discover exemplary educators' perspectives about what influences their success, beyond their content knowledge and applied teaching techniques. What they had to say was powerful. The Avoiding Burnout, Finding Fuel, Cultivating Success: Ideas from Exemplary Educators workshop content arises from this original exemplary educator research. It is also the working title of her upcoming book.