Get to Know GOLD: Resources and Guidance

for Coaches, Licensors, and Early Childhood Support Specialists
Before starting the registration process, please have your PQR #, Program #, and QRIS level available.

Assessment for Responsive Teaching
Offered by: 
Early ChildhoodAssessment for Responsive Teaching

This workshop is designed for those individuals who coach/supervise/support early educators who use the Teaching Strategies GOLD assessment system. An overview of how GOLD Online works will be provided, and participants will learn about the various resources available through the TSGOLD website.

Particpants should bring a tablet or laptop to get the most from this training. Please note that Chromebooks are not compatible with GOLD at this time.

Who can participate

Family Childcare System Support Staff, Educator and Provider Support (EPS) staff, including Coaches; staff from EEC including licensors. 


Training hours are available.

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No trainings are currently scheduled. For more information about EC ART and upcoming trainings please contact us.

Registration Policies

The following policies have been developed to ensure a positive training experience for all:

  • Registration is valid only for the person named (registration is linked to each individual’s PQR number). If the person registered cannot attend and a program director wants to send a replacement staff member, please call our office no less than 4 days in advance to arrange the substitution.
  • Phone registrations are not accepted, but we welcome phone inquiries.
  • Purchase orders are accepted.
  • Confirmation of registration will be sent by e-mail. If you do not use e-mail, please call 413.586.4900 x5571 or toll free 800.519.1882 x5571 for confirmation once you complete on-line registration.
  • Only preregistered participants may attend the training (no walk-in registrations). Unexpected additions interfere with timing, seating, materials, and activities that have been planned for those registered in advance.

Attendance Policies and CEUs

To earn any CEU credit you must be present for the entire course. Anyone arriving more than 15 minutes late for any session will not be considered to have been present for the entire course. If extenuating circumstances cause lateness, please inform your instructor, who will note your arrival time on the sign-in sheet. Final decisions about CEU credit in these cases are made by CES staff, not the instructor. CEU certificates are sent to educators by CES office staff after the course concludes and all attendance documentation has been reviewed.

If the course is divided into two or more sessions, you must attend each session not only to receive CEU credit, but also to get the most from the course, since each session builds on the previous one. Please do not come to a session if you have missed a previous session.

Withdrawals and Refund Policies

If you know in advance that you will be unable to complete a CEU course, please contact Christine Kenneally at or call 413-586-4900 x5571 at least 7 days in advance to apply your payment to another course in the Assessment for Responsive Teaching project.

Your credit must be used by June 30, 2018.

Refunds will be made if CES cancels a training. Refunds are not available if you withdraw after the deadline or miss a training.

Weather Cancellations or Postponements

Details of weather cancellations or postponements are posted on this website and are available by calling 413.586.4900 x5570 after 6:30am on the day of a morning training, and after 2pm on the day of an evening training.