Fundamentals of Genetic Science & Microbiology (DYS/SEIS)

This course has been cancelled. For more information contact the PD Department.

Graduate Credits: 


This online course aims to support secondary education classroom teachers in alternative settings who wish to deepen their content knowledge in Science using the lens of the Common Core State Standards. As teachers explore content-related topics, and enhance their mastery of content knowledge, they will plan curriculum and instruction that engages students by connecting core content to real-world experiences.

Understanding the Language of Life: Fundamentals of Genetic Science & Microbiology will engage teachers in selected online sites across a range of topics in genetics to explore and consider adopting tools to create and refine lessons for their own classes. Teachers will explore digital models, videos, and interactive computer tools to understand the core concepts and tools of genetic science and microbiology.

The course will pursue a disciplined approach to scientific vocabulary and use of digital tools to model application of the science. Classroom application will focus on means to effectively assess student learning in a diverse classroom.

This course is only open to DYS and SEIS Teachers.


67.5 PDPs. 3 Graduate Credits are available through FSU for $325. Additional information about payment for graduate credit will be provided after registration.


This workshop is not currently scheduled. If you have questions or are interested in offering this training on-site, please contact us.

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