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Title Content Area Audience Offered by
Developing Classroom Units Aligned with the New MA Science and Technology/Engineering Standards
This workshop will introduce participants to the new Massachusetts Science and Technology/Engineering Standards through visuals, discussion and... Read More
✗ Not Open for Registration
Science, Technology Early Educator, Paraprofessionals, Specialist, Teacher Professional Development, Science, Summer Academy
Developing Culturally Responsive Teaching through Growth Mindset
This workshop encourages all educators to reflect on their own cultural biases in order to develop a strong understanding of techniques to create... Read More
✗ Not Open for Registration
Social Justice, Social/Emotional Teacher Professional Development
Developing Mentor Teachers: An Introduction
Participate in an engaging and informative day exploring the skills and dispositions for mentors that will lead to a successful mentoring program.
✗ Not Open for Registration
Leadership Principal, SuperIntendent, Teacher Professional Development
Differentiated Instruction for Paraprofessionals
One key element of supporting students with disabilities in general education classrooms is understanding how to match instructional supports to the... Read More
✗ Not Open for Registration
Effective Teaching Paraprofessionals Professional Development, Special Education
Differentiating Instruction Through Word Study
This online word study workshop will afford participants the opportunity to become familiar with the continuum of word study skills which form the... Read More
✓ Available for Registration
Licensure, Special Education Licensure Candidate, Teacher Licensure
Differentiation for the General Classroom
Topics to be covered include: understanding different abilities and disability categories in Massachusetts, managing challenging behaviors, practical... Read More
✗ Not Open for Registration
Effective Teaching, Special Education Principal, Teacher Professional Development, Special Education
Discourse, Language and Reaching Struggling Readers
All teachers want to improve the academic performance of their most struggling learners, particularly in reading. One key to success in reading and... Read More
✗ Not Open for Registration
Reading/Literacy, Struggling Learners Specialist, Teacher Professional Development, Struggling Learners
Diversity in Children's Literature
Critically examine and choose high-quality early childhood and elementary level literary and informational texts for a coherent and motivating... Read More
✓ Available for Registration
English Language Arts, Social Justice Teacher Professional Development, English Language Arts
Do the Math! Engaging All Students in Problem Solving
Teachers will learn strategies needed to teach the skills embedded in the Common Core. Teachers will learn ways to build mathematical vocabulary,... Read More
✗ Not Open for Registration
Math Principal, Specialist, Teacher Professional Development, Math, Summer Academy
Drawing Upon Literature
Participants will read and discuss a short story or passage together using close reading and collaborative friends’ protocol techniques. Discussion... Read More
✗ Not Open for Registration
Arts, English Language Arts Curriculum Directors, Teacher, Technology Director Professional Development
Dual Language Learning in Preschool and Kindergarten
This course will provide participants with an orientation to the best practices for young Dual Language Learners that support children's language,... Read More
✓ Available for Registration
Early Childhood, English Language Learners Early Educator, Teacher Early Childhood, Educator Trainings, Professional Development, English Language Learners
Dual Language Learning in Preschool Classrooms
Children are natural learners. In this workshop, we will construct an understanding of developmentally appropriate practice for Pre-K that both... Read More
✗ Not Open for Registration
Professional Development, English Language Learners
Dynamic Perspectives in Education
This course brings together candidates across programs to examine issues facing educators today. Focal points will include curricular and... Read More
✗ Not Open for Registration
Licensure Administrator, Licensure Candidate, Teacher Licensure