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Title Content Area Audience Offered by
Civics Education Institute - Teams of 4
In support of teachers of civics, history, and social science, and school district curriculum leaders, the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and... Read More
✗ Not Open for Registration
History Administrator, Curriculum Directors, Principal, Specialist, SuperIntendent, Teacher Professional Development, History and Social Studies
Climate Change in the Classroom
This workshop is a hands-on learning experience using climate change as the lens for learning units regarding three critical ecosystem elements:... Read More
✗ Not Open for Registration
Science Teacher Professional Development, Science, Technology
Co-Teaching in the Inclusive Classroom
This workshop is intended to enhance the instructional practice of co-teachers working together in an inclusive classroom.
✗ Not Open for Registration
Effective Teaching Administrator, Principal, SuperIntendent, Teacher Professional Development, Special Education
Co-Teaching Workshop
If you are co-teaching for the first time, or have already been working together with a teaching partner and would welcome the opportunity to enhance... Read More
✗ Not Open for Registration
Curriculum & Instruction, Effective Teaching, English Language Learners, Special Education Curriculum Directors, Principal, Teacher Member Districts
Collaborative and Proactive Behavioral Strategies
This workshop will explore the importance of choice and routines that support students with challenging behaviors. Participants will examine "... Read More
✗ Not Open for Registration
Behavior Paraprofessionals, Principal, Specialist, Teacher Professional Development, Summer Academy
Communicative Language Teaching
What is Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) and how does it look in a modern language classroom? What are Communicative Activities? We will discuss... Read More
✗ Not Open for Registration
Teacher Professional Development
Community Storytelling: Literacy at the Tip of Your Tongue (Students Telling Stories)
Ever wonder how to stimulate students’ motivation and skill in reading and writing? Teach them to speak eloquently and with confidence? Storytelling... Read More
✗ Not Open for Registration
Arts, English Language Arts, Reading/Literacy Specialist, Teacher Professional Development
Confronting Unconscious Bias in Education
This day-long interactive workshop will provide participants an opportunity to explore implicit bias, as a concept, and will support an examination... Read More
✗ Not Open for Registration
Social Justice Administrator, CES Employee, Teacher Professional Development
Conversations That Count
Drawing on current practices in effective communication, Conversations That Count introduces administrators to a practical model for improving... Read More
✗ Not Open for Registration
Educator Evaluation, Leadership Administrator, Principal, SuperIntendent Professional Development, Summer Academy
Copyright for Educators in a Digital Age
This workshop is designed to guide educators to a deeper understanding of the concepts underlying copyright, fair use, and the Creative Commons... Read More
✗ Not Open for Registration
Technology Administrator, Teacher, Technology Director Professional Development, Technology
Copyright for Educators in a Digital Age: Online Workshop
In this Zoom workshop, we will look at copyright and permission issues in our increasingly complicated digital world from multiple perspectives. We... Read More
✗ Not Open for Registration
Technology Teacher Professional Development, Technology
Cracking the Code for Struggling Readers
Children who struggle with decoding and encoding need explicit instruction to develop phonemic awareness so that they understand how to break words... Read More
✗ Not Open for Registration
Effective Teaching, English Language Arts, Reading/Literacy, Special Education Specialist, Teacher Professional Development, English Language Arts, Special Education