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Implementing the ASQ-3 and ASQ:SE-2
This five-hour course provides instruction in using the Ages and Stages Questionnaire - Third Edition (ASQ-3 ™) and the Ages and Stages Questionnaire... Read More
✗ Not Open for Registration
Early Childhood Early Educator Early Childhood, Assessment for Responsive Teaching
Implementing the Mathematical Practice Standards in Your Classroom
The goal of this workshop is to help participants clarify the meanings of the Practice Standards and come to an understanding of how these practices... Read More
✗ Not Open for Registration
Professional Development, Math
Improv Theatre and Movement: Educational Play!
Improv theatre and movement develops life skills (what’s my role in the group, creating a group mind) and academic skills (story structure, auditory/... Read More
✗ Not Open for Registration
Arts, Effective Teaching Teacher Professional Development
Improving Outcomes for Students Living in Poverty and Trauma
This workshop will introduce participants to key concepts related to working with students living in poverty and trauma. Explore concepts, practices... Read More
✗ Not Open for Registration
English Language Learners, Social Justice, Social/Emotional, Special Education, Struggling Learners Paraprofessionals, Teacher Professional Development, English Language Learners, Special Education
In-Depth Look at Informal Reading Assessment
Deepen your understanding and use of an informal reading inventory. Includes an understanding of reading theory as it applies to assessment, deep... Read More
✗ Not Open for Registration
Assessment, English Language Arts, Reading/Literacy Administrator, Specialist, Teacher
Inclusion For Paraprofessionals
Description This is a five-session course (1 hour each day, for a week, Monday - Friday) covering the below topics:
✓ Available for Registration
Special Education Paraprofessionals, Teacher Professional Development, Special Education
Inclusive Classrooms and Teaching: Supporting Success for All Students
Participants will come to a deeper understanding of the variety of ways inclusion can be achieved. Additionally, skills will be taught/reviewed that... Read More
✗ Not Open for Registration
Special Education Teacher Professional Development, Summer Academy, Special Education
Individualized Growth Measures: Reviewing Progress Using MCAS-Alt
Baseline performance, measurable growth outcomes, and assessment content were established at the beginning of the school year by districts that... Read More
✗ Not Open for Registration
Special Education Administrator, Specialist, Teacher Professional Development