Cultivating Academic Language with Diverse Learners: Using Real-Life Dilemmas to Energize Classroom Discussion

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Professional DevelopmentStruggling Learners


Dr. Claire White will present a discussion-based curriculum designed to teach academic language and content through personal, social and political dilemmas for all students highlighting those that have greater relevance for diverse learners (struggling learners, ELs, etc.).

The original program, Word Generation, shown to impact vocabulary and writing outcomes, has been modified for grades 4-8 and struggling learners. This session will provide participants with instructional practices to actively build students’ skills related to text comprehension, regardless of the content area or specific curricular materials.

Teachers of early elementary education will also learn to promote oral language development and build academic language skills through engaging texts and structured classroom discussion.

Publishers Fair

Alongside this event representatives from publishers of high quality instructional and assessment materials will be present from 11:00am to 4:00pm.

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Audience and Grade Level

School administrators and teachers of all levels seeking to cultivate academic language, especially those working with English Language Learners and struggling learners.


A Certificate of Attendance will be available.



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