GCN Ethics Training

GCN Ethics Training

GCN and ETHICS Mandatory Annual Training Modules

All employees have been set up in the GCN Training Module for three mandatory trainings. The three modules that you are REQUIRED to complete are:

  • Sexual Harassment
  • Proactive Safety
  • Computer Use Policies

Website Access

Go to www.gcntraining.com and enter organization I.D. 43497.

To view instructions for logging into the trainings click here.

IMPORTANT: Once you have completed the GCN Trainings, please PRINT the Certificate of Completion and forward it to the Human Resources Assistant.

State Ethics Training Module

  • Go to: www.muniprog.eth.state.ma.us
  • Look to the bottom of the screen, where it says" When you are ready to begin, click the Next arrow". Click the arrow to proceed to the training program.

Please be sure to print your certificate at the end and return to the Human Resources Assistant.

For information about the Conflict of Interest Law:

For more information, contact: 
413.586.4900 x5923, x5922 or x5932