Communications Documents

Communications Documents

CES Communications Documents

CES staff may access and download Communications Documents using the links below.

Among the documents available for your use are:

CES Logo Artwork and Branding:

This folder contains multiple formats for our organization logo, in files that you may use in your work. Instructions for using our organization color pallette, type font, logo art and boilerplate messages are also located in the  in the folder.

CES Guiding Documents:

This folder contains documents that guide our organization and our work, as well as overviews of our agency as a whole that can be shared with others.

It includes the CES 5 Year Strategic Plan - final document. Other documents within include our organization chart, mission and values statement, organization description/overview, and listing of CES Services.

CES Communication Templates:

These documents are branded, blank "shells" for your use in creating your own document content. Examples include powerpoint backgrounds, stationery page blanks with CES headers, report covers, and so on.

Communications Processes:

This folder contains information about processes (and related forms) for communication. Among the processes outlined in this folder are:

  • Obtaining and providing media releases
  • Copyright
  • Submitting new events and courses to Communications for marketing
For more information, contact: 
Director of Business Development
413.586.4900 x5910