Voluntary Group Short Term Disability (STD)

Voluntary Group Short Term Disability (STD)

Open Enrollment will take place on the CES Intranet this year. All process details, as well as plan descriptions and costs, can be found there. If you are unsure how to access the intranet, please contact HR directly.

The Standard

Disability income insurance can provide a portion of the income you would lose if you became disabled and could not work. This would help to pay your everyday living expenses and it may assist you in maintaining the standard of living you and your family now enjoy.

During Open Enrollment, employees can elect coverage or increase coverage at any time but they will be subject to a 60 day benefit waiting period instead of the normal 14 day benefit waiting period.  This extended waiting period will be for the first 12 months on the plan or for the first 12 months with the increased coverage.

If you currently have coverage and would like to increase your income replacement amount during open enrollment, the extended waiting period will only apply to the increased coverage. 


How to Enroll

When completing your required enrollment form, check the box to the left of “Short Term Disability (Employee Paid)” plan option and list the amount of coverage you are electing or opting to continue.

Don’t know how much coverage you have? Find the amount of weekly benefits on your current election sheet - Open Enrollment 2020-2021 (left column on chart under “Current Benefit Election,” which was provided to you by CES). 

Enrollment and Change Form


Learn More about Short Term Disability Benefits 

Short Term Disability Plan Information

Benefits are issued in response to the filing of a claim and can be collected for no more than 13 weeks. Short term disability benefits begin after an employee has been out of work for 14 days. Benefits are not taxable when received. After short term disability benefits are exhausted, long term disability coverage becomes available. CES provides employees with long term disability free of charge.


Short Term Disability Cost Information

This varies from individual to individual, depending on the amount of benefit elected and his or her age. The monthly rate per $10 of weekly coverage is based on your age band. View the chart below for details.

Short Term Disability Rate Chart


Why should I change the amount of my coverage?

Employees often think that their benefit increases when their salary does; however that is not the case. An employee must elect an increase, otherwise the benefit amount remains the same from year to year. Change your benefit amount by filling out an Evidence of Insurability form. Applications for benefits (new elections and increases in coverage) are subject to underwriting and may be denied.

How much can I collect?

You may elect coverage in increments of $25 from $100 to a maximum amount of $1,250, but not exceeding 60% of your eligible earnings.

Other considerations to inform your decision to enroll:

FAQ Regarding Coverage for Maternity Leave

FAQ Regarding Coverage for COVID Related Serious Medical Condition

For more information, contact: 
413.586.4900 x5923, x5922 or x5932