Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance

NEW CARRIER! The Standard (with Orthodontics)


  • 14.5% decrease in premium costs!
  • Orthodontia is covered at 65% instead of 50%
  • All persons who opt to elect or continue dental coverage during this open enrollment will receive a $500 "Max Builder" credit to the $1,000 annual maximum benefit, and will start the year with a $1,500 annual maximum benefit. 

The CES plan covers many dental needs, ranging from preventative services and basic care to major restorative procedures and orthodontia for children under the age of 19.

Contact The Standard 

Call our CES contacts at The Standard to discuss specifics, including plan details, potential out-of-pocket costs, "usual and customary charges" for dental providers in your area.

  • Jared: 617.957.7984
  • Maria: 781.2451901 x0357 


How to Enroll

To enroll, complete the form below and submit the form to Human Resources.

Dental Enrollment Form


Learn More about the Dental Plan

The Standard uses the Ameritas Dental Network. You may still visit any dentist, but it will cost you less to use in-network providers. To find participating network dentists, go to

FOR OUR CURRENT BCBS SUBSCRIBERS: Good News! In most cases, you'll pay the same out-of-pocket expenses that you did under BCBS. Additionally, you will receive full credit for any accumulated rollover ever balances. 

The Standard will also pre-load $500 into a Max Builder account for all members without rollover balances. NOTE: Pre-load only available during the May 2019 open enrollment period. 

Summary of Benefits


Dental Plan Cost Information

Chart of Biweekly Dental Insurance Costs

*School Year - 20 Pay Employees: Scroll down within the above document to see 20 pay rates (see chart with yellow highlighting).

**Union Employees: Union members selecting the year-round lump sum payment in the last payday of the school year will have deductions taken based on the 24 Pay Schedule until the last payday when 2 months of employee payments will be taken.



The Standard Customer Service: 800.633.8575 Website:

For more information, contact: 
413.586.4900 x5923, x5922 or x5932