Past TiE Conferences

Past TiE Conferences

Check out our previous TiE Conferences and watch the Keynote Speaker videos:

TiE2016: Connected Teachers / Connected Learners

TiE2016 featured presentations and conversations that helped create and understand the context and culture we need to develop in schools to support connected educators and connected students. The Keynote Presentation was delivered by Antero Garcia, titled Beyond "Dead Channels": Hope, Activism, and Learning in a Participatory Age. Read more and watch the video >

TiE2015: The Power of Students

TiE2015 brought educators and students together to focus on the Power of Students. The Keynote Presentation was delivered by Rafranz Davis, titled Inspiring Change through Passion, Wonder and Voice. Read more and watch the video >

TiE2014: Reinventing Education

This event’s theme was Re-Inventing Education and featured an inspiring keynote address by Dr. Yong Zhao on the power of technology to personalize education to encourage students to tap into their creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. Read more and watch the video >


This event featured a keynote address by Sylvia Martinez then of GenerationYES and a lunch keynote by Luis Rodriguez from the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s Office of Digital Learning. Read more >